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action toy

Fisher Price logo

The Fisher-Price activity toy is a perfect size that will fit your teeny-tiny one's hands. Just shake to watch and hear the brightly colored beads rattle around or roll it along on its two bright red wheels. The handle is even a teether. With so much for baby to do, you'll be glad that this activity toy has popped up again for a whole new generation.

kinder logo

So much classic fun for your little one. Sized just-right for baby's hands, this Rock-A-Stack clacker rattle features brightly colored rings, fun clacking and rattle sounds. Great for giving your child's senses a boost.

rock a stack


Nuby Logo

Engineered to make feeding and handling easier, the Nûby™ No-Spill™ Cup is perfect for beginners. Your little one will find the transition from bottle to cup an easy one with the cup's soft silicone spout and the unique contour shape that easily fits their small hands. You will be delighted with the transition thanks to Nûby's valveless, leak-resistant design. The No-Spill™ Easy Grip™ dispenses a variety of liquids, ranging in consistency from fruit juices to milk and water. The soft silicone spout is uniquely designed to prevent drips and spills while being delicate and gentle to baby's gums and emerging teeth. The pressure sensitive TOUCH-FLO™ feature regulates fluid intake with sucking action of the child. When sucking action ceases, the spout closes, ensuring a leak-resistant cup.

  • Promotes oral development
  • Touch-Flow™ valve within the spout prevents spills
  • Easy Grip™ base is ideal for little hands
  • Soft Flex™ silicone spout teaches independent drinking, yet is delicate and gentle to baby's gums and emerging teeth
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • For children 6 months +

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Nuby Logo

The Insulated No-Spill™ Easy Sip™ with its colourful two-in-one cup design not only keeps liquid fresh and cool, it also helps protect furniture from a "sweating" cup. The No-Spill™ cap features a bite-proof hard spout with a Vari-Flo™ valve system made of silicone and engineered to help protect against spills or leaks. Liquids pass through the spout only when your child sips. Available in assorted colours and playful prints, the No-Spill™ cup dispenses a variety of liquids, ranging in consistency from fruit juices to milk and water.

  • Insulated sweat-proof cup keeps drinks cooler longer!
  • No-Spill™, No Leak, No Mess
  • Vari-Flo™ valve allows child to control the flow rate
  • Bite-proof spout
  • Teaches independent drinking
  • Hand wash only
  • For children 6 months +



Nuby Logo

Nûby's Teething Bibs are the ideal dribble catcher for when babies are drooling and teething.  A teething corner, with multiple textured surfaces, offers chewing comfort to baby as new teeth break through.  The soft absorbent cotton bibs help to keep baby dry, and have a secure Velcro fastening to hold them in place.

  • Absorbent cotton helps keep baby dry while teething
  • Teething corner with multiple textured surfaces
  • Velcro tab for easy open and close
  • Machine-washable
  • For children 3 months +

Nuby Logo

The Nûby™ Chewbies™ teether's unique textured design provides comfort to baby's delicate gums. It provides stimulus to the lips and tongue, which promote the transition from nursing to chewing.

  • Soothing soft silicone
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • For children 3 months +


Icy bite

Nuby Logo

The IcyBite™ Keys teether by Nûby™ is another innovation in the natural teething process; a toy which combines exercises for young hands, gums and teeth, as well as providing visual stimulation for your baby. The colourful toy is also a dual-surfaced teether. The tops of the "keys" are constructed of a soft textured material with offset surfaces that assist in the eruption of teeth through infant's delicate gums. For sore gums, the cool resilient bottom part of the "keys" soothes and stimulate safely. Colourful shapes are easy for baby to hold and sized for maximum effectiveness as a teether.

  • Textured surfaces massage and stimulate gums
  • pûrICE™ technology provides gentle cooling
  • Easy Grip™ design ideal for little hands
  • Bright colours stimulate the senses
  • For children 3 months +

pure n gentle logo

You won't find a better value in diapers than Pure 'n Gentle Diapers for boys and girls. With quality comparable to the big national brands, Pure 'n Gentle meets all your diaper needs. Pure N Gentle diapers offer stay-dry performance on par with the leading brands thanks to features such as stretchable grip side tabs; an ultra-absorbent core that locks moisture away and keeps baby's skin dry; a dry web layer ultrasoft cover and breathable side panels. So soft, comfortable and a great fit to help prevent leaks. Available in sizes 1 - 6, and training pants.

pure and simple


Huggies logo

Created for delicate skin, Huggies Pure Wipes provide gentle cleansing just like cotton wool and water – ideal for all your baby, skincare and beauty needs. Great Value Pack of 56 wipes. No perfume, Alcohol-free.

johnsons logo

With Johnson's baby products, you'll find clinically proven gentle formulas that made them the most trusted name in baby skin care for more than 100 years. Babies' skin and eyes are delicate, that's why the gentle baby products, with its unmistakable baby fresh smell, is mild to the eyes as pure water and gentle enough to cleanse and moisture baby's skin every day.

baby oil

hooded blankets

tootsie baby logo

Keep your infant warm and cozy by wraping them up in these adorable Hooded Blankets that are 100% cotton! Perfect for nap time or to keep your baby warm after a bath. Machine washable and tumble dry. Available in Lion or Elephant designs.

tootsie baby logo

Give your little angel a calming night time bath with cleansing washcloths so that they will spend the whole night dreaming peacefully. Available in a 5 pack so your baby can have a fresh one each time. No nursery is complete without these dependable cloths. 80% Cotton/20% Polyester, machine washable, size 9” x 9”.

wash cloths

baby spoons

Tootsie baby logo

Heat sensitive spoons are made of strong, durable plastic and an ergonomically designed handle that ensures the feeding section does not touch any unwanted surface if placed on a table or highchair tray. The unique heat sensitive feature of the tip tells you when the content is hot by changing colors.

tootsie baby logo

Have you ever tried to push a stroller, hold an umbrella and tried to keep you and your baby safe and dry at the same time? Well let us make your on-the-go lifestyle more manageable with a rain cover that will protect your child from harsh weather conditions such as snow, rain and high winds. A perfect accessory for busy moms on-the-go!